Porsche Macan Turbo 

 The Gtechniq treatment for this Macan Turbo had been booked in for a long period of time due to the demand for these models and involved a trip over to Porsche center Wilmslow in Cheshire. Whilst waiting i was able to take a look around their mightily impressive premises.


The car was brought over to the wash bay area, unwrapped and given a thorough wash down before being brought into the workshop so the treatment could begin. Always unsure of the condition new cars may arrive in the option to machine polish was discussed with the owner before hand and a quick walk round the car revealed a level of hazing/micro scratching that was worth polishing out. A quick call to the owner and a single stage polish was included prior to the Gtechniq coatings. We do tend to recommend adding this service for all new cars as factory finishing lines have a very limited amount of time to correctly refine the finish and are not able to achieve the level of gloss we can with much more time available. I know this as i used to work on one!

Not major defects but worth removing on black paint where clarity and maximum gloss makes all the difference. Gtechniq C1 was then applied to the paint followed by a layer of Swissvax Crystal Rock wax, C5 Wheel Armour to the wheels and C4 to the exterior trim.