Paintwork Protection Film


Why you should consider Paintwork Protection Film...

Perfect Car Care are authorised installers of Llumar and Suntek paint protection films (PPF). The very best way to protect your vehicles paintwork from inevitable stone chips and scratches is by applying our self-healing, optically clear paint protection film. The film forms a virtually invisible barrier to normal every day problems that over time deteriorate a vehicles finish. Along with highly durable ceramic coatings, paintwork protection film offers a sacrificial layer to your vehicles finish allowing you to use it without the overwhelming concern that you may be damaging or slowly deteriorating the original and sometimes very fragile finish. Paintwork protection film also offers next level protection for troublesome soft and/or dark finishes. These types of finish have always showed their swirls, micro-scratches and scratches more easily than lighter and harder finishes and with the introduction of PPF and its self healing properties, soft and dark finishes will never allow them to look damaged, hazy and tired. Simply park your car in a warm environment, direct sunlight or rinse with warm/hot water and watch scratches and haze simply vanish.

To find out more about our paint protection films and what they can offer please feel free to get in touch.