Concours d'Elegance PREPARATION

Each year we have a small handful of clients that require the best we have to offer so that their vehicles can either attend Concours d’Elegance, car shows, media presentations or simply be on display for their or the public’s pleasure. For this requirement Perfect Car Care offer our ‘Concours d’Elegance Detail’. This allows us to perfect every surface on the vehicle, enabling it to be presented in the best condition physically possible. Paintwork is perfected, wheels are left spotlessly cleaned and polished front to back, interior surfaces and leather are cleaned and conditioned, engine bay and exhaust systems are detailed, wheel arches and suspension, door shuts, bonnet shuts, under bonnet, under boot areas are all cleaned and polished, the list goes on. This detail leaves no stone unturned and we aim to leave the vehicle in absolute breathtaking condition. Time taken to achieve such conditions are 5 – 6 days or a minimum of 50 to 60 hours with any extra time required carried out under the original and set costs. Our guarantee with this service is you will not find any dirt, dust, road tar, grime, oil or contamination of any kind on any surfaces you can see or get to without removing parts, although we will do this in some cases to achieve better results i.e. wheels. With our experience in Concours, car shows and media presentations, understanding the requirements to achieve as high a place as possible or to simply allow the vehicle to look its very best is essential and what we do best. For this detail we can also arrange an insured and enclosed collection and delivery service as well as wheel refurbishment and other minor repairs.

Price on application