Porsche 911 Turbo S

This was one of the first turbos to be delivered to the midlands and was in the less common sapphire Metallic Blue. This was booked in for two stages of polishing and the complete Gtechniq protection system. Careful wash and decontamination process revealed very little surface contamination, probably due to the lack of storage time and covered transit, allowing the polishing process to begin. 

Defects were very light with the biggest difference being made due to the removal of surface hazing that all panels seemed to be suffering from. Clearing this away improves the clarity of the clearcoat allowing the underlying metallic colour to come through as it should. The polishing of the lacquer also flattens it slightly improving its ability to reflect clearly, something all Porsche finishes benifit from.

A few pictures of the very light defects that were present over the car.

Polishing complete and coatings applied the car was brought outside to capture some great natural light pictures of this fantastic colour.