Porsche Cayman GT4

This brand new Racing Yellow Porsche cayman GT4 was treated to the complete range of Gtechniq products including 'Crystal Serum Black' paintwork protection. Solid yellow colours can sometimes appear a little flat so I was looking forward to not only improving the gloss levels with the polishing processes but also by adding the Crystal Serum which, due to its measurable thickness, additionally adds gloss to any colour. After washing and removing the dealer preparation products the two stage polishing process could begin. This would remove most if not all of the factory and dealership induced defects leaving a perfect finish for the two, highly protective coatings. Slowly working my way round the car, each panels finish was carefully restored by removing defects such as sanding marks, swirls marks and surface hazing all of which would detract from the clarity of the finish and reduce overall gloss. A side note for this vehicle was that having worked on many new Porsche models this was actually one of the better ones i had recently seen with the majority of defects being light and good levels of paint to work with.

With the polishing process complete the Crystal Serum Black coating was applied. The Crystal Serum Black coating is a combination of the Crystal Serum, dual ceramic base coat, which is the hard protective layer and the Exo top layer that is the hydrophobic, water and dirt repellant layer.

After the paintwork coatings were completed the wheels, trim, glass and interior surfaces were all coated with the relevant Gtechniq coatings leaving one incredible looking Cayman GT4.