Mercedes AMG GT

This Vehicle required a trip over to Mercedes Benz of Derby and was to prepare this 'Fire Opel Red' Mercedes AMG GT using the Gtechniq product line including protection courtesy of the Crystal Serum/EXO combination otherwise known as 'Crystal Serum Black'. These two products would provide a 9h hard ceramic base layer and a super, hydrophobic top layer designed repel dirt and water allowing for a cleaner for longer, easier overall washing experience.

Initial inspection revealed the car would require some light machine polishing to remove factory induced micro scratching and surface hazing, an important factor when considering Crystal Serum due to its extremely hard 9h finish once applied and cured over these defects. This polishing process would also improve upon the standard factory finish by increasing overall Gloss and clarity of the clear coat which is then further enhanced by the thick, extra glossy Crystal Serum coating.

A two stage polish was carried out around the vehicle which removed all but a few, very small deep isolated scratches that would not be visible once the car was out in natural sunlight.

With defects removed the complete Gtechniq coating system was applied which included Crystal Serum and Exo for the paint, C5 for the wheels and calipers, C4 for exterior trim, G5 for the glass, L1 for leather, C6 for interior trim and I1 for over mats and carpet. With the car complete the benefit to this entire process and protection system was clearly evident, expressly when comparing a normally prepared, white AMG GT that was sat beside it awaiting collection.