Ford Focus RS

This was the fith Focus RS that we had detailed but the first in Fords eye catching Nitrous Blue. Like most manufacturers we already knew that different colours would invariably mean different results/finishes so we had no idea what to expect after having had a spate of terribly painted and finished Black RS's. We were pleasantly suprised to find mostly light defects when the car arrived and the original 'New Car Prep' single stage polish was confirmed as this would be sufficient enough to get the results we like prior to using Gtechniqs Crystal Serum.


With the single stage polish complete, Gtechniqs Crystal Serum was applied followed by the first batch of EXO v3 hydrophobic coating, the replacement for v2, that we had been trialing prior to its release. As always, the results these treatments make to new vehicles is astonishing and left the car looking incredible, a huge advancement over the sub standard dealership preparation normally offered from Ford dealers.


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