Ferrari F12


This treatment required a trip over to Graypaul Nottingham, somewhere we have worked from on and off for close to 10 years, with this visit being slightly different due to the fact the entire building had undergone a complete overhaul including a complete new showroom and workshop. This was the first time we had seen it complete so i took the time to take a look around at the very impressive new look.

The car we were there for, a Rosso Fuoco Ferrari F12 had been booked in for close to a year and would only be the second time i had worked on a car with special order paint from new, the first needed alot of work to fix and as expected this was no exception. Every panel required extensive machine work to remove the factory refinnishing defects and in total nearly 70 hours were required to get it to a condition both myself and my client would be happy with.

After carefully washing down the car it was placed in the workshop where it was gently clayed to remove any surface contamination which, on this occasion was mainly small amounts of overspray.

Starting the polishing process it became immediately apparent that each panel was very different from the next, all requiring different levels of polishing to repair, the enormous bonnet eventually taking a full 8 hours before all the heavy factory sanding marks had been removed. The front and rear bumpers also both had lower levels of paint so extra care was required along with a multi composite paint thickness gauge to guide.

The following two photos are of areas suffering from dry lacquer or overspray.

With the polishing process complete the coatings were applied with Crystal Serum Black being chosen to help seal in the hard work and now amzing looking deep metallic red paintwork. These two coatings would provide the ultimate protection, a 9h (pencil hardness scale) Serum base coat along with an extremely hydrophobic, UV protective and dirt repellant, Exo top coat. Crystal Serum also benifits from a manufacturer backed 7 year warranty.

Wheels were protected with Gtechniqs C5 wheel armour, trim with C4 and glass with G5 along with the complete interior protection package.

Car finally completed and a few finnished pictures showing just how amazing this car and colour combination can look.