Classic Car Detailing


Perfect car Care are experienced classic sport and luxury vehicle detailer's and to date have worked on over 100+ cars that have required a completely different approach to, than their more modern equivilants. Paint and substrate type, delicate original finishes, patina of age preservation and the correct use of products/product type are all factors to be considered when working on such vehicles. With the gradual introduction of much more robust Interior and exterior materials modern car care products have, in many cases, become too harsh for a wide range of older finishes and can contribute to accelerated aging or worse even damage them, highlighting why correct product selection and method of use is of vital importance. 

Whether a classic vehicle is being prepared for storage, show, sale or dry weather use, professional detailing can be of great benefit, helping improve the appearance of both interior and exterior surfaces whilst offering protection against many of the potential issues that come with general use and exposure to the elements. Correct detailing will also positively effect sales values, in most cases drastically increasing both the chance of sale and the overall value of the vehicle,  something that every classic car owner should consider should they decide to sell.

Our vast experience working for individuals, collectors and auction houses throughout the country on a wide and varied range of classics allow us to offer an extremely careful and high standard of work for anyone wishing to maintain or improve their classic vehicle of vehicle collection. If you wish to enquire about our services offered for your classic vehicle please feel free to call or email.