Audi R8

This 2016, Audi R8 was straight from the dealership and was booked in for us to remove any factory and dealer induced paint defects prior to coating with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black. A two stage polish had been chosen which required alteration throughout due to the condition of the finish which was anything but showroom.


Defects ranged from light hazing and deeper isolated scratches through to aggressive machining polishing swirls marks and holograms, all of which can be inflicted at the factory, dealership or both.

With the polishing stages complete the owner had opted for Gtechniqs Crystal Serum Black coating that would help preserve the now extremely glossy finish whilst helping prevent the normal hazing and swirls that future washing and overall use can cause. 

Thanks to the owner Andrew to using Perfect Car Care to prepare his new Audi and we look forward to seeing him again in the future.

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