Ferrari 458 Speciale

This Brand new Ferrari 458 Speciale had been booked in with us for over a year and arrived in the customer specified Rosso Scuderia red with Blu Nart stripe and custom matching mirrors. From experience we know that Ferrari factory paint finishes are nice and flat but generally riddled with defects and this car was no exception. Having washed the car down with Swissvax, ph neutral products, a quick walk around the car in direct sunlight revealed a paint finish in desperate need of refinishing.


Whilst the car was outside the engine bay was cleaned down as it had picked up substancial amounts of dust and dirt on its journey over to the UK. To prevent any water ingress into sensitive electrical components the entire engine and carbon fiber bay was cleaned via steam and a strong mix of Swissvax Car Bath shampoo to aid in non scratch dirt removal. This was dried off with plush drying towels then hand waxed with Swissvax Crystal Rock. The race inspired Interior was also detailed using Swissvax products whilst outside.

The car was then brought inside, masked up and received a detailed paint thickness report across the entire car which showed good healthy readings with exception of the rear bumper and side skirts which were a little on the low side. This seems to be reasonably common having completed a large number of modern Ferrari's so with this in mind careful polishing would be required on these areas leaving good amounts of paint for future polishing. Pictures below show a few before and after polishing picture to give an idea of defect removal and increases in clarity and gloss. 

With the challenging and intricate polishing process completed over two full days the car was then protected with two layers of Swissvax's signature Crystal Rock wax. This wax has an extremely high, 76% by volume, content of Carnauba meaning high levels of protection and an amazing levels of added gloss.

Wheels and calipers were waxed with Swissvax PTFE based Autobahn wheel wax and tyres dressed with Swissvax Pneu tyre dressing. 


With the sun beginning to set the car was brought outside for some final pictures.