Porsche GT3 Gtechniq Gold Detail + Crystal Serum upgrade

This latest generation Porsche 911 GT3 had been booked in with us back at the start of 2014 but due to a recall on all of these models for engine replacements the treatment was delayed whilst it sat at the dealer awaiting parts. Uncovered outside storage and black paint would mean problems so the first job was to clean and decontaminate every surface prior to bringing into the studio for inspection.

First up was to apply a citrus degreaser to help remove any surface grime along with the horrible dealer polish/wax.

Following the degreaser Gtechniq w6 fallout remover was applied to the entire vehicle and left to dwell. This would help remove both organic and in-organic fallout.

Gtechniq Citrus snow foam and then an in depth wash followed before drying off and bringing into the studio for the final clay bar decontamination stage.

The clay bar physically removes any remaining bonded contamination leaving the paintwork perfectly clean and ready for machine polishing.

The clay bar still revealed a small amount of remaining contamination that had not been removed in the previous stages.

The next stage was to calibrate and set up the ultra sonic thickness gauge so the paintwork levels could be accurately measured prior to any machine work. This £2000 gauge allows readings over both metal and composite surfaces removing any guess work on plastic, glass fibre and carbon fibre surfaces.

Readings across the car revealed normal thickness levels for these newer models.

With the paintwork measured the visual inspection could now take place and the first thing that was extremely prevalent on all the flat surfaces was the amount of etching present. This would have been caused by the outside storage conditions and contamination being left to sit on the paint for a prolonged period of time. 

Along with the  etching was also a significant amount of scratching/micro scratching that was massively detracting from the overall finish of the paint. To remove these imperfections the paintwork would receive multiple stages of machine polishing to remove the damaged upper layer of the clear coat and restore its overall gloss and clarity. We removed as little clear as possible to achieve the desired results leaving the odd deeper isolated scratches in place in preference to removing significant amounts of paint to remove them. The following pictures are the before and after polishing pictures showing the massive improvements made.


With the polishing stages completed over four long days the paintwork was then coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum/C2v3 combo. Gtechniq Crystal Serum cures to a 9h level, measured on the pencil hardness scale, meaning that it will help prevent picking up any future damage that can be caused by washing and general day to day use, maintaining its now fantastic condition for a long time to come.

All hard plastics were coated with C4 permanent trim restorer. Not only will this product help the plastics remain a deep rich black but will also help prevent any future fading.

The satin finish wheels, wheel barrels and giant calipers were coated with Gtechniq C5 wheel armour glass coat.

An enormous amount of work required for what was meant to be a brand new vehicle but the results were definitely worth it. The black paintwork not only now had incredible levels of gloss and reflectivity but protection levels that would help prevent it returning to the condition it had arrived to us in.

Thanks to the owner Bob for entrusting Perfect Car Care to work on his amazing GT3 and we look forward to helping him maintain it for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading