For a great number of reasons modern vehicle paint finishes are far thinner than than previous generations and this can be disadvantagous for a number of reasons. Along with general swirl marks and light scratches that come from everyday wear and tear one of the main issues on these thinner and more brittle finishes are stone and rock chips. These unsightly blemishes cannot be polished out in the same way light scratches and swirl marks can so tend to be touched in leaving, depending on vehicle colour, a less than perfect finish. Until recently paint protection films were extremely visible once applied and would look 'obvious' due to their clarity or lack there of , but using modern technology and multiple clear layers these films are today virtually invisible. Not only are these films extremely clear but in many instances, especially on vehicles who's paintwork has been abused and over machine polished leaving a lack of paint, they can have a relaquering effect, hiding these problems and preventing any further damage. 

Along with these advantages the film installed at Perfect Car Care is completely self healing. This means that damage caused by washing and drying is a thing of the past and hazing, swirl marks and scratches are simply rectified by some light heat from the sun, heat gun or hot water. This has made caring for problematic paint finishes, both in terms of hardness levels and colours, a far easier process. Overly soft, flat and dark finishes once covered will no longer deteriorate in the same way they usually would allowing owners to enjoy a fantastic paint finish regardless of external factors that would normally cause many issues.