Fiesta ST Gtechniq Bronze+ Detail + Crystal Serum

Its extremely rare for a vehicle to arrive at the dealers without any paintwork imperfections, factory finishing lines being the obvious culprit, but when the dealer then prepares the vehicle for sale without the correct methods and equipment these imperfections are compounded. One way of minimizing this is by asking your dealer to not prepare the vehicle prior to collection. This will eliminate the potential for further damage and allow a professional company to prepare the vehicle correctly using the correct methods and equipment. The owner of this Fiesta ST had opted for this approach and booked the car in with us for a single stage polish and some Gtechniq Crystal Serum protection. The car arrived untouched so the first job was to remove all the stickers and move it outside for its careful clean and contamination/fallout removal processes.

Contamination and slight water etching was over all flat surfaces of the car. These would be removed during the claying process.

First up was to foam the car with a mixture of citrus degreaser and snow foam. This was followed up by careful washing and then an application of fallout remover. This would remove both organic and inorganic fallout.

Any metallic fallout would bleed purple with this particular car showing a small amount to what we generally see on new vehicles. This would point toward minimal storage time. The car was then rewashed a brought into the studio for the final clay bar decontamination stage.

The claying process physically removes any remaining contamination leaving the paint perfectly clean and ready for the polishing process. The clay bar showed a small amount of contamination had remained even after the initial stages.

The paintwork was then carefully measured across the vehicle. This included readings over both plastic and metals. All readings showed healthy levels with no signs of inconsistancies that could point towards post paint booth repairs at either the manufacturer or dealer, both of which are more common than you may expect.

A quick inspection of the paintwork under high powered lighting showed immediate problem areas that would need machine polishing to remove. These imperfections were important to remove as not only were they detracting from the overall finish of the vehicle but the owner had opted for Gtechniqs Crystal Serum coating, a 9h hard glass coating that would seal in any imperfections for the duration of its seven year warrantied stay.

With the edges and trim areas masked up for protection the polishing stages could begin. Its worth bearing in mind that all the imperfections visable were inflicted at either the factory or during transportation. When you then consider that any dealer preparation would have added further damage its easy to see why the vast majority of brand new vehicles require professional polishing to return the paintwork to an as new condition.


With the paintwork complete and only a couple of areas that couldn't be completely repaired within the allocated time and treatment specification the paint was then coated in the professional only, Gtechniq Crystal Serum. This coating not only produces an extreme high gloss finish but lays down protection that is truly outstanding in comparison to most. A 9h hard glass coat that is resistant to chemicals ranging from ph 2 to ph 13 and temperatures between -40 and 250 degrees. The finished pictures capture just how great the performance blue paint looked after removing all contamination, surface hazing and micro scratches and then coating with the Crystal Serum.

Many thanks to the owner Gav for choosing Perfect Car Care to prepare his new car for him and we hope to see him again in the near future.

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