Maintenance Services

Maintaining your vehicles appearance throughout the seasons offers many different challenges. Colder months require the careful removal heavy road grime, salt and other abrasive factors, Summer there is always tree sap, bird droppings and bug splats to contend with. All of these require careful attention should you wish to keep your vehicle in exceptional condition and should not be dealt with by a rushed wash at the end of the month because of time constraints. Perfect Car Cares maintenance services offer the safest way to clean and maintain the finish of any previously detailed vehicles, minimising the risk of damage and allowing owners to mitigate the need for expensive products, correct techniques and spending large amounts of their time washing, drying and maintaining their cars.

The Posh Wash

At the heart of our maintenance services is the 'Posh Wash'. Not what you'd receive at a hand car wash or valeting centre and perfectly designed for customers who do not have the time required to correctly maintain their cars, but do not want to visit these potentially damaging service centres. The Posh Wash is designed to safely clean and dry the car without any adverse effects on both the condition of the paintwork and/or its protective coatings. Employing the use of ph neutral Swissvax and Gtechniq maintenance products along with pure 0ppm water, super soft lambs wool wash mitts and plush drying towels this service will leave your vehicle in pristine, post detailed condition.

  • Vehicle is rinsed to remove any loose dirt/road grime
  • Citrus degreaser applied to wheels/wheel arch liners and lower half of the vehicle to remove more stubborn dirt/road grime
  • vehicle rinsed
  • Snow foam applied and left to dwell softening any remaining dirt/road grime before being rinsed
  • Vehicle wheels washed front to back including wheel barrels
  • vehicle bodywork washed using two buckets, ph neutral shampoo and lambs wool wash mitts
  • vehicle rinsed
  • Vehicle air dried
  • Wax finished vehicles receive Swissvax quick detailer top up.
  • Glass is cleaned inside and out
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Leather is lightly cleaned with Swissvax leather cleaner
  • Interior plastics cleaned with Swissvax interior detailer
  • Tyres dressed

Time taken approx : 1-3 hours

Small vehicle: from £45*
Medium vehicle : from £45*
Large vehicle : from £45*
MPV / 4X4 : from £50*

* This service is designed for customers who have previously had their vehicles detailed by us. Vehicles that have not been detailed by us will either require one of our detailing treatments prior to regular maintenance Posh Washes or will incur additional charges.

Additional service add-ons


Additional layer of wax : adding a second or third layer of wax increases depth of shine and further increases protection for both paint and the underlying layer of wax. 

Swissvax Shield : £10
Swissvax Best of Show : £15
Swissvax Crystal Rock : £25

Glass Hydrophobic coating and sealant application: All exterior glass surfaces are treated with a nano technology glass sealant coating that repels rain, sleet and snow on contact. Due to high hydrophobic properties, even at low speeds rain water will slide off the glass providing massively improved visibility and much safer driving. This glass coating is designed to last for up to twelve months or twenty thousand miles.

Time taken approx : 1 - 2 hours

Small / medium vehicles : £25
Large / 4x4 / MPV : £35

Engine bay clean and dress: Engine bay is carefully cleaned using steam and mild degreaser before being dried and dressed using swissvax products. All electrical components and sensitive areas like coil packs are wrapped or protected during this process and we do not use a pressure washer at any point. 

£35 per vehicle

Air conditioning anti bacterial treatment: Anti microbial treatment that sanitizes the air-con system. Treats and prevents the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeasts, the main cause of odours, and keeps the air conditioning

£25 per vehicle