Gtechniq Crystal Serum

With a vast number of glass coatings available today Crystal Serum is the first of its kind. Featuring twin in-organic ceramic layers, the first a more flexible 7h bonding layer and the second top layer, a 9h scratch and chemical resistant protective layer. This dual layer provides excellent marr and swirl resistance against washing and other abrasive actions along with the ultimate chemical resistance, repelling ph2 through to ph 13 chemicals, which would cause considerable damage to uncoated paint if applied. Crystal serum also provides a very thick layer. The vast majority of glass coatings available, including Gtechniq C1, are generally sub-micron and cannot be measured using thickness measuring gauges whereas Crystal serum lays down a 1-2 micron thick film that is measurable using these same gauges. This thicker coatings provides a much higher level of protection for the under lying paint and offers the ultimate in paintwork and wheel protection. Gtechniq Crystal Serum is an optional coating in place of C1 and can be upgraded on any of our Gtechniq packages.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum is backed by a manufacturers 7 year warranty when applied at Perfect Car Care, Gtechniq accredited detailers for Derbyshire.