Swissvax Gloss Revival Detail


Our most popular service and includes all the processes included in a protection detail with the addition of a single stage machine polish. Using an ultra fine finishing polish designed to remove faint marring and light swirl marks, paintwork will appear visibly glossier with an increase in both depth and overall shine. A visibly improved paintwork finish is then sealed with the protection of your choice.

Swissvax Gloss Revival detail


  • Lower bodywork, arches and door shuts pre-soaked using a citrus based de-greaser and rinsed.
  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned front to back using ph neutral wheel cleaner. This product is non-acidic and safe to use on clear coat, polished and anodised wheels
  • Wheels treated with fallout remover and rinsed.
  • Vehicle foamed using ph neutral snow foam. 
  • Bodywork thoroughly cleaned using Swissvax shampoo, lambs wool wash mitts and grit guard buckets
  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Vehicle thoroughly dried using compressed air, microfiber drying towels and drying lubricant. Drying towels prevent water spotting and surface swirling that can be induced by chamois or other drying apparatus.
  • Complete bodywork and glass decontamination using Swissvax paint rubber. This removes bonded surface contamination including industrial fallout, brake dust, tree sap, tar etc.
  • Single stage machine polish using fine abrasive finishing polish to produce a rich gloss.
  • Wheels pre wax cleansed using Swissvax cleaner fluid.
  • Wheels receive a layer of Autobahn wheel wax
  • Paintwork pre wax cleansed using Swissvax cleaner fluid.
  • Paintwork receives a coat of Swissvax Shield natural carnauba wax. Wax upgrades available.
  • Glass and mirrors are cleaned and polished.
  • Exterior plastic trim is treated with Swissvax Protection. This product is solvent and formaldehyde free, will not damage or compromise the plastics finish and moisturises to help restore or keep the new look appearance.
  • Rubber trim is treated with Swissvax seal feed. This product releases trap solvents and moisturises the rubber restoring or keeping that new look appearance and feel.
  • Tyres are dressed using Swissvax Pneu for a rich natural looking finish.

Time taken approx : 2 days

Small vehicle: from £250
Medium vehicle : from £250
Large vehicle : from £300
MPV / 4X4 : from £300

Complimentary interior valeting service

  • Seats, carpets and lightly cleaned and vacuumed free from dirt.
  • Overmatts shampooed, extracted and dried.
  • Hard and soft plastics cleaned and conditioned using Swissvax Protection Matt and Seal.
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned using Swissvax leather cleaner and Swissvax leather Milk.
  • Fabric lightly cleaned using Swissvax fabrique.
  • Interior glass cleaned using Swissvax Crystal.

Time taken approx: 1 - 3 hours

Small vehicle: from £45
Medium vehicle: from £45
Large vehicle: from £50
MPV / 4X4 : from £50

Additional service add-ons

Wax upgrades : Wax upgrades are available to offer increased protection, overall gloss and improved durability.

Swissvax Best of Show : £15
Swissvax Crystal Rock : £25

Additional layer of wax : adding a second or third layer of wax increases depth of shine and further increases protection for both paint and the underlying layer of wax. 

Swissvax Shield : £10
Swissvax Best of Show : £15
Swissvax Crystal Rock : £25


Wheels off and suspension clean : Wheels are safely removed at the cleaning stage and deep cleaned off the vehicle which includes full claying and light machine polish before being protected and refitted. Whilst wheels are off arches, suspension components, brake calipers and wheel hubs are cleaned and protected where applicable. Removal of wheels is via Nylon sleeved sockets that eliminate the possibility of damage and nuts are re-torqued to correct spec using a digital torque wrench and not an air gun) 

Time taken approx : + 3 - 4 hours

All vehicles : £45

Swissvax Leather Glaze application : designed to keep leather finishes in perfect condition, swissvax leather glaze and sealant drastically reduces signs of wear by means of a colourless, non shiny film that actively reduces friction and allows easier future cleaning. This service requires an interior valet prior to application. 

Time taken approx : 2 - 3 hours

Small vehicle: from £20
Medium vehicle: from £20
Large vehicle : from £35
MPV / 4X4 : from £35

Swissvax Alcantara clean: for vehicles with Alcantara interiors. Seats, headlining, dashboard, steering wheels and door cards are all carefully cleaned using Swissvax' designated alcantara cleaner. This product is solvent free, biodegradable and will not weaken the alcantara fibres leading to problems.

Time taken approx : 1 - 3 hours

Prices from £35

Interior fabric deep clean: Seats, carpets, over mats and headlining are all deep cleaned via steam and extractor machines. This treatment will remove all traces of ingrained dirt and/or any staining, leaving fabrics bright, clean and fresh smelling.

Prices from £100

Swissvax Lotos long term Convertible roof treatment: Containing 15 times higher concentration protectant properties than the industry standard convertible roof treatments, Swissvax Lotos is designed to last for years not just months. Providing protection against all environmental impacts such as rain, road dirt, salt as well as insect- or bird droppings, this treatment is the ultimate in convertible roof protection. Vehicle roof is thoroughly and carefully cleaned and neutralised prior to application.

Time taken approx: 2 - 3 hours

£125 per vehicle

Upholstery / Carpets / roof lining fabric guard treatment: treated materials take on a liquid repelling property that prevents spills from staining, allow easier clean up and help maintain their new appearance. Particularly useful treatment for the winter period where interiors become damp. This product will prevent moisture from soaking into the seats and carpets allowing easier overall drying.

Time taken approx : 1 - 2 hours

Small vehicle: from £30
Medium vehicle: from £35
Large vehicle: from £40
MPV / 4X4 : from £45

Glass Hydrophobic coating and sealant application: All exterior glass surfaces are treated with a nano technology glass sealant coating that repels rain, sleet and snow on contact. Due to high hydrophobic properties, even at low speeds rain water will slide off the glass providing massively improved visibility and much safer driving. This glass coating is designed to last for up to twelve months or twenty thousand miles.

Time taken approx : 1 - 2 hours

Small / medium vehicles : £25
Large / 4x4 / MPV : £35

Engine bay clean and dress: Engine bay is carefully cleaned using steam and mild degreaser before being dried and dressed using swissvax products. All electrical components and sensitive areas like coil packs are wrapped or protected during this process and we do not use a pressure washer at any point. 

£35 per vehicle

Air conditioning anti bacterial treatment: Anti microbial treatment that sanitizes the air-con system. Treats and prevents the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeasts, the main cause of odours, and keeps the air conditioning

£25 per vehicle